In Australia, a Death Certificate is the official document produced by the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages in each state to record all deaths that occur. This is different to the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death that is provided by a doctor at the time of death.

At the arrangement conference our Funeral Director will ask you for certain information about the person who has died so that we can then register the death after the funeral has taken place.

You may find it helpful when providing information if you have copies of your loved ones birth and marriage certificates. If you wish to have all the required information prior to your funeral arrangement meeting you are welcome to complete the attached and either bring it with you or email it through to us.

Registration of Death Information Form

The information required to register a death includes:-

  • Deceased full name.
  • Date of birth.
  • Date of death
  • Place of death (full address of hospital or residence).
  • Residential address of deceased.
  • Sex
  • Age at Death
  • Main occupation during working life.
  • Place of birth (city and country).
  • If born overseas period of residency in Australia
  • If on a Pension – what type
  • Marital status at time of death.
  • All marriages (place of marriage – city, state & country, full name of spouse (including maiden name if applicable), age at the time of marriage).
  • Parents’ names and occupations, including mother’s maiden name.
  • Children’s names, dates of birth and ages (including any deceased children).
  • Religion (if applicable).
  • Your full name, address, daytime telephone number and your relationship to the deceased.

You will need the Death Certificate for legal and financial reasons. The time it takes to receive the certificate from the Registry varies and may take several weeks. The Death Certificate will be mailed directly to the informant by Births, Deaths & Marriages.