A Pre-Paid Funeral is where you purchase your funeral in advance.

The type and style of funeral you want is documented in a contract and you pay for that funeral at today’s prices.  Subject to any specific terms of a pre-paid funeral contract (for example: if Government taxes are subsequently imposed or increased), you will not have to pay any more for that contracted funeral regardless of when the funeral is required.

Your payment is invested with an independently managed funeral fund and is only released to us once the contracted funeral service is completed.  Our pre-paid funds are managed by Foresters Friendly Society. Please feel free to look at Foresters Friendly Society’s web site for further information www.forestersfs.com.au

Apart from the obvious cost savings, discussing your funeral options in advance will ensure every detail of your funeral is exactly as you would have wanted it and save your family anxiety and stress at a very emotional time.

Your needs are as important to us as they are to you and we will try to honour any special preferences or requests that you may have.

A pre-payment of a funeral does not impact on a pension entitlement, as it is not subject to an income or asset test.

If you are interested in arranging a Pre-Paid Funeral with Heritage & Heritage Funerals please contact our office.