What is the difference between a Pre-Paid Funeral and a Pre-Arranged Funeral?

A Pre-Paid Funeral is where you purchase your funeral in advance. The type and style of funeral you want is documented in a contract and you pay for that funeral at today’s prices.

A Pre-Arranged funeral is where you organise your funeral in advance. The type and style of funeral you want is documented in a contract and retained in our records. You do not need to pay anything, but you do need to be aware that the costs may rise over time


Why pre-pay for a funeral?

There are many benefits to pre-paying for a funeral such as: –

  • Prepaid funerals maintain a fixed price throughout the time of the prepaid plan so there is no more to pay
  • Prepaid funerals allow you to choose and design your own funeral and give you peace of mind that your wishes will be carried out
  • Prepaid Funerals mean that your family will be relieved of the responsibility of planning, managing, and most of all, finding the money to pay for a funeral
  • Your investment for your funeral will be held independently with a government approved Friendly Society so your money is safe
  • A prepaid funeral is not viewed as part of your personal assets. It is also exempt from the Centrelink and Department of Veteran Affairs Income and Assets Test. Therefore, the investment may improve your pension entitlements


What costs am I able to Pre-Pay?

At Heritage & Heritage Funerals you will be able to Pre-Pay for the following expenses via a Pre-Paid Funeral: –

  • Heritage & Heritage Service Fee
  • Coffin / Casket
  • Registration of Death
  • Cemetery Costs
  • Government Medical Officer Cost
  • Cremation Costs


What documents will I receive?

As part of the Pre-Paid Funeral arrangement you will receive a funeral contract which will list each service item that you have paid for. You will also receive a copy of your Certificate of Membership which will confirm the registration of your policy.


What if I change my mind?

You have a 30-day period to consider your contract and change your mind if you wish. You may cancel your contract within the 30-day period by notifying Heritage & Heritage Funerals in writing. Your contract is cancelled, and you will receive a full refund.


Can I redeem a prepaid funeral for money?

No once the funds are invested with the Friendly Society you cannot withdraw them or use them in any other way other than to pay for funeral expenses.


What happens if death occurs away from home?

For when you are temporarily away from home you can purchase a Travel Protection Plan as an addition to your Heritage & Heritage Funerals Prepaid Funeral Plan. This covers the costs of transporting a deceased person back to our funeral home.

If you do not purchase the Travel Protection Plan and death occurs away from home your family will need to contact us and we will make the necessary arrangements for your safe transfer. There may be additional costs for this.


What happens if I move interstate?

If you move interstate you can rearrange your prepaid funeral plan accordingly.

Our Pre-Paid Funeral Co-Ordinator will be able to assist you with transferring your plan to another funeral director in the area.

In this case prices cannot necessarily be guaranteed on a transfer, as there are price differences between states.

Please note that the funds are required to stay in the secure investment you have arranged and can be accessed by the new funeral director at the time of the funeral.